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Gold Canyon is a small town located due east of Phoenix, Arizona, and is relatively quiet, with low population density.

The town has a population of 11.875, growing at a rate of 2.26% annually, and two constituent neighborhoods, with most of the housing built relatively recently. New real estate usually indicates that the local economy is robust and that jobs or other amenities attract more people to the area. This seems to be the case in Gold Canyon, where the median household income is $69,568.

Gold Canyon home prices are among the most expensive in Arizona and the most expensive in America. The community has fewer families with younger children and college students, so if you like quiet, this is an excellent place to live. Gold Canyon is home to both blue-collar and white-collar families.

Being a small town, Gold Canyon does not have a public transit system used by locals to get to and from work. Another interesting fact is that a relatively large number of people in Gold Canyon telecommute to their jobs. About 12.88% of the workforce works from home. This number might seem small; however, it ranks among the highest telecommuting workforce in the country.

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